Various Reckless Driving Fines in Virginia

There has been a recent trend to impose fine charges and penalties on reckless driving in Virginia. These reckless driving fines in Virginia are charged on accounts of traffic violations and reckless driving crimes. With the introduction of automated speed enforcement technology, traffic cams, and traffic law enforcement officers, the State of Virginia is imposing new reckless driving fines. These reckless driving fines in Virginia can be imposed on highways or on the roads under different penalties including speed law violations. These fines in Virginia can vary from $50 to $2500.

The New Reckless Driving Fines Being Introduced in Virginia

Traffic offenders may have to face additional reckless driving fines in Virginia that exceed what they have previously paid. These fines are now being introduced to grow drivers’ responsibility to take care of all the speed violations and reckless driving crimes. These fines were imposed by traffic patrol officers but now reckless driving fines would be charged in the form of additional taxes. For example, these reckless driving fines in Virginia can be imposed from traffic offense to expired licenses, speeding or even with a civil remedial fee.

This means that if a motorist was convicted of reckless driving, that is driving at a speed of 75 mph with a speed limitation of 55 mph, would qualify and would not only have to pay a fine of $2500 but would also have to spend a year in jail and pay a non-negotiable $350 a year tax for a time period of three years. The law would further forbid judges from being able to waive or reduce this fee.

Along with that, if a driver disobeyed a law enforcement officer’s order, he or she would be fined with an additional $35 and a required court processing fee up to $61. Along with this, he or she would also have to pay a civil remedial free which can be up to $900 over a period of three years. Well, it doesn’t just end here. In case if you are driving while being drunk, you would be liable to pay a fee of $1000 per year for a time period of three years plus the additional fines and the court fees. This would not include insurance. So that comes together at $300 for a year, plus the additional fines that come along with it.

Anyone who has 8 demerit points or more on his or her driver’s license would have to pay an additional amount of $100, plus another $75 for any points over 8 and up, which could also turn your reckless driving fine in Virginia up to $700 per year. With additional reckless driving fines and charges being accumulated upon a driver, such fines are imposed so that the serious road offenders can bulk up their cases and for a fact that the State of Virginia needs the money to improve his roads. The State of Virginia has also increased fine charges because more revenue needs to be generated for public educational institutes. Here are some examples of the reckless driving fines imposed in Virginia;

  • $100 for 8 points which would be paid in three years. Plus an additional amount of $75 for each demerit point scored over 8 points.
  • $750 for three years for driving under influence.

$250 for three years for having an expired license.