Solicitation of Prostitution in Fairfax Virginia: A Study

Majority of the states in America, with the exclusion of few of Nevada’s counties, have a ban on prostitution. In the state of Virginia, a person can face heavy charges if caught in the solicitation of prostitution in any way such as;

A Pimp/Madame (the middleman)


Customer (seeking the service of the prostitute)

Being involved in any way or aiding human trafficking

Even though the society in Virginia is now moving towards developing contemporary views, prostitution is still not accepted. Whereas, some view prostitution as not a crime, but majority of the people still consider it to be illegal.  The places where prostitution is legalized, rules, boundaries, and limitations are placed on those involved. The state of Virginia deems all activities related to prostitution to be illegal.

The Virginia Criminal Code Chapter 8, talks about immoral and indecent crimes like prostitution as a serious offense. Virginia law places high charges and sentences on sexual offenses, like child pornography, offensive exposure, pimping, pandering and human trafficking.

Take the help of a Fairfax Country prostitution lawyer to help you defend your case against the following prostitution charges.


Attempted/ solicitation of prostitution


Assisting in unlawful sexual intercourse

Accept money for procuring a person

Keeping, residing in, or visiting a “vulgar place”

Virginia Laws and Penalties for Prostitution

Under Virginia law, any sexual act that one performs for a financial gain will be considered as prostitution. The fine can be up to $2,500. Also, jail time might have to be served. The guilty offender will also have to give an STD test. The offender will also receive counseling. Not only that, but take part in an STD awareness program.

Virginia Solicitation Laws

According to the Virginia law, solicitation is as much of a crime as prostitution. If a person receives financial gain for its sexual actions, that person is guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor

Legal Representation for Solicitation and Prostitution in Virginia

If compared with other crimes, solicitation and prostitution do not end in an arrest. According to the reports of the Virginia State Police, there were only 23 arrests for prostitution in one year, including adults and juveniles. The negative stigma attached to this further aggravates the charge.

Know your rights and how to defend yourself

When you are cross-questioned by the law enforcement or when Solicitation and Prostitution charges are leveled upon you, the Constitutional right allows for an attorney to help you protect your rights.  Never take the charges lightly or try to handle the case yourself. Don’t say anything that you may later regret or be used against you.

Your first step should be to contact your lawyer to support you in communicating with the police, talk with the prosecutors, prove you innocence in court and remove the penalties placed on you.

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