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In Virginia, spousal abuse is defined to be a form of actions and a routine of control. Spousal abuse is related to the development of hierarchy of supremacy in a relation where one partner overpowers the other one by using either or both physical assault and emotional abuse. Spousal abuse entails five main classifications of abusive actions, which includes physical assault, psychological assault, sexual abuse, financial control and negligence.

How to Deal With Spousal Abuse

There are a number of legal solutions and protections available in Virginia in order to deal with the spousal abuse. The following are the measures one could adopt to get protection against spousal abuse:

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

The victims of spousal abuse could obtain a legal alternative address, which is mostly a post office box that could be used against their physical address. This could be presented in case public organizations require address. First class mail received at the alternate address is further forwarded to the physical address of the individual.

Protective Orders

Victims of spousal abuse could demand for protection from spousal abuse by asking court to issue a protective order. A protective order is a legal notice signed by a judge that offers protection to the individual from their abusive spouse. There are three different forms of protective orders that could be demanded upon the severity of the situation.

  • Emergency Protective Order
  • Preliminary Protective Order
  • Permanent Protective Order

Civil Lawsuit

The victim of spousal abuse could also file a civil lawsuit in order to use their legal right to make their spouse pay for their losses and expenses, which may include medical bills and damages to victim because of emotional and physical trauma.

Custody/Child or Spousal Support Orders

The orders for custody of child or spousal support could be adjusted in order to avoid any incidence of further acts of violence between spouses or children.


Violating the terms of a protective order issued by court could result into a jail sentence for the abuser. The victim is required to contact police immediately if their abusive spouse attempts to violate the protective order. Spousal abuse comes under the domestic violence and any person who have committed spousal abuse and / or battery would held accountable for a Class 1 offense, and the punishment could be spending an year in jail and / or a fine of $ 2500. Three or more than three attempts to commit spousal abuse within a period of 10 years could take the punishment level to a Class 6 felony and punishment would be increased to up to 5 years of imprisonment.

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