Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Explained

Sex crimes are offenses that involve sexual assault or crimes that have a sexual motive. This may include rape, child pornography, statutory rape, solicitation of a minor, sexting and other sexual crimes. These crimes are prosecuted on both federal and state level courts, depending on the seriousness of the crime. Cases involving sex crimes are extremely complicated which is why it is necessary to refer to an attorney to help you with your case.

Getting convicted of a federal sex crime can result in serious charges that could lead to harsh penalties such as imprisonment for years. Additionally, it can also lead to getting listed in the sex offender’s registry. Almost all sex crimes prosecuted at a federal level are considered felonies.

Sex Crime Laws in Maryland:

The legal penalties for crimes with a sexual motive depend on the severity of the crime in Maryland. Some examples of sexual offenses in Maryland include:

  • A sexual act involving force or by threatening force is considered a First Degree Sexual Offense
  • Sexual actions committed by means of force or by threat of force and statutory rape are considered a Second Degree Sexual Offense
  • A sexual contact that was not consensual and is accompanied by intimidation, kidnapping or threat of injury is considered a Third Degree Sexual Offense
  • Any nonconsensual or unwanted sexual interaction is considered a Fourth Degree Sexual Offense
  • Solicitation of a Minor

First Degree Sexual Offenses lead to the harshest penalties that can result in the offender getting a maximum life sentence in prison. A lot of offenders are also given as much as 10 to 20 years of imprisonment.

For Second, Third and Fourth Degree sexual offenses, the legal consequences are not relatively as severe as a First Degree Sexual Offense.

Sex Crimes Prosecuted on a Federal Level:

Certain sex offenses are prosecuted on a federal level instead of the state, as they are deemed to be extremely serious. The crimes that come under this are:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Sexual abuse involving a minor
  • Selling children’s bodies
  • Sexual assault resulting in death

These are just a few example of sex crimes that are prosecuted on a federal level in Maryland. Federal charges are usually indicted if someone engaged in sex trafficking or any other crime that involved exploiting or molesting a minor.


A federal sex crime conviction can result in serious, long-lasting repercussions. Some of the consequences of such crimes include:

  • Imprisonment in the federal prison with a minimum mandatory sentence time
  • Having to get yourself listen to both the state and national sex offender registries
  • Being required to join a treatment program for sex addicts or a center for people with mental illnesses related to sexual behavior to get treated

Being required to register on the national and state sex offender registries results in collateral consequences in the future such as the offenders getting denied for housing or employment, banned from working or living near places with large crowds of children such as elementary schools. They are also required to register again with the federal and state sex offender registries in the case they move.

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