Loudoun VA Homicide Laws

Homicide is defined as the unlawful and deliberate killing or murder of any individual. Homicide is a serious felony and therefore, laws must be present to punish the offender to decrease the rate of homicide. In Loudoun VA, the Homicide Laws are implemented to punish the offender. Loudoun VA Homicide Laws are implemented for different conditions of homicides and these conditions include the voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, capital murder, first or second degree murders. Chapter 4 crimes under the section 18.2. is aimed to describe the homicides.

Capital Murder: Section 18.2-31

The class 1 felony is used to present capital murder and based on the conditions of the murder, it is one of the most terrible crimes in Loudoun Virginia. The Section 18.2-31 is used to describe the conditions where the murder is considered as the capital murder. There are fifteen different conditions, where any murder is considered as the capital murder according to this section. To be punished for this type of murder, two conditions that must be presented. The one condition is that murderer’s age must be greater than 18 years and he must be mentally fit. The person who is found to be guilty of this offense can face lifetime imprisonment and fine up to $100,000 as described in the Section 18.2-10(a).

1st and 2nd Degrees Murders: Section 18.2-32

Class 2 felony characterize the 1st-degree murders and this term is used to represent those types of murders, which cannot be characterized as capital murder. Some examples of the murders, which are characterized as the 1stdegree are killing during robbery, deliberate killing, killing during abduction or burglary. In this case, there is no intention of murder. The murder cases which cannot be characterized as the capital murder or 1st-degree murder comes under the 2nd-degree murders and in this type of murder, there is no intention of killing. Section 18.2-32 of Loudoun VA Homicide Laws describe the punishment that must be given to those, who have committed any type of 1st or 2nd-degree murders. The 1st-degree murders are also considered as terrible felonies and punishment may be 20 years imprisonment with or without fine based on the conditions. There is a sub-part of this section, which presents the punishment against those, who are found guilty of murdering a pregnant woman. The murder of a woman with a deliberate reason or without any premeditation must be punished for 10-40 years according to Section 18.2-32.1.

Involuntary and Voluntary Manslaughters

Voluntary and involuntary manslaughters are considered as common law offenses and are termed as Class 5 felonies. Sections 18.2-35; 18.2-36 of Loudoun VA Homicide Laws is meant for involuntary and voluntary manslaughter and the intentional homicide is termed as voluntary manslaughter due to sudden mutual combat and unintentional murder comes under the category of involuntary manslaughter. The offender of voluntary or involuntary manslaughter can get the punishment of imprisonment which can extend for a time period of 1 years to 10 years with or without a fine of up to $2,500.

Felony Homicide and Attempted Murder

The other murder charges, which cannot be characterized in any other category are termed as felony homicide and involve the situation where the offender wanted to commit any other crime and the condition is described by Section 18.2-33. Loudoun VA Homicide Laws also describe penalties for attempted murder, where any person found guilty of committing any capital murder may face imprisonment for 20 years and fine in some cases.