Laws Regarding Impaired Driving

The issue regarding impaired driving is raising serious concerns. Every year, millions of people choose to drive under the effect and influence of alcohol, which causes fatal devastating results. Many people get killed in car crashes, which involves impaired drivers. Impaired driving easily claims innocent lives, however these deaths can be prevented with strict laws and policies which can keep impaired drivers off the road and save lives.

Drivers who have impaired convictions pose a serious and substantial risk of offending again. Chances are that they can cause fatal accidents with prior conviction as compared with the drivers who are not under the influence. Driving under the influence is serious but preventable. There are proven and effective ways to prevent alcohol impaired driving. One of these ways is to install ignition interlocks for all prior convicted offenders. These interlocks and eventually reduce re-arrests as well as fatal car accidents.

Ignition Interlocks

Ignition interlocks can easily be installed in vehicles and prevent the accused or convicted person who have consumed alcohol, from driving. Drivers with interlocks can have fewer impaired driving accidents. Such states that mandate such ignition interlocks for impaired drivers can save lives.

Laws Concerning Impaired Driving or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

There are effective and proven strategies which can reduce or eventually prevent drunk driving. Local public health administrators or decision makers, along with community partners must identify gaps and address the issue of drunk driving. It is also important to know about the drivers with alcohol concentration. So a driver who is found with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher, can easily be considered alcohol-impaired by law.

Sobriety checkpoints are established to check drunk drivers and their blood alcohol concentration. Ignition interlock laws and licenses suspension is also proven effective to restrict such drivers. Laws regarding impaired driving are applicable in the state of Virginia. If any person who is involved in a motor vehicle crash with a probable cause, can be arrested for driving under the influence of either alcohol or even drugs. He can be arrested within three hours of the accident without an arrest warrant at any location in Virginia.

If any person is arrested for impaired driving for a third time in the period of five years, then he shall not be granted bail till he goes to trial. All such laws are operated in highways as well as on the roads in Virginia. Conviction for impaired driving for the very first time can charge a mandatory fine of $250 with driver’s license cancelation for a period of one year. Conviction for the second time can charged a mandatory fine of $500 with driver’s license withdrawn for three years and a possible jail time for a year.

With your license suspension, you will be required to pay the fees and try to reinstate your license, at the end of your suspension time period. You will also be required to present proof that you have all the necessary driving skills, knowledge, road skills and appropriate vision to have your driving license reinstated.