Knowing About Indecent Liberties Jail Time

It is important to know that justice is being served with conviction by serving jail time. Criminal issues connected with the problems of committing indecent liberties with minors or even prostitution-related offenses involving children. The court must decide for each specific indecent liberties jail time for the criminal offenders. But before deciding upon the specific and particular indecent liberties jail time, it is also necessary to review recent conviction data which is related to the crimes of indecent liberties or prostitution which involves minor children. The law enforcement agencies must be directed to collect, review, analyze and evaluate all past conviction data.

The information obtained from such records would reveal the majority of offenders and defenders who are convicted for the crime of committing indecent liberties, include the indecent liberties committed by a person in a custodial or supervisory relationship with the minor child victim. Such indecent liberties jail time can sometimes depend on the severity, age of the victim and offender or even on the situational circumstances. It could also receive a punishment which involves active incarceration or probation alone. Out of these, defendants who receive incarceration, can receive a slightly more prison term of more than 12 months of jail time. When imposing a criminal sentence for these crimes, judges can be more likely to recommend harsh sentences, provided by the Virginia Sentencing Guidelines. They are more likely to move towards imposing heavier punishment.

Jail Time Period for Committing Indecent Liberties

The normal jail time for such crimes can range from one to five years in the penitentiary. The offender must be of eighteen years of age to serve this indecent liberties jail time. For committing indecent liberties against a minor child by a person who is a custodian or in a supervisory relationship, the crime would be regarded as a Class 6 felony and the punishment penalty or jail time could not less than a year or not more than five years. It would be at the discretion of the jury or the prosecutor to determine the sentence, judging from the severity of committing indecent liberties. It could also include a fine of not more than $2500. The penalty could also include either or both. It may also be possible to reach a middle ground, provided by the lawyer with a plea deal or even pleading guilty.

While talking about indecent liberties jail time, certain acts of indecent liberties are regarding less severe and can be regarded as a Class 1 misdemeanor. For this case, the jail time could be less than 12 months in jail and with a fine penalty of $2500. There might be certain situations in which the offender might be required to spend a single night in jail, under the good behavior circumstances. That might even cut the actual time served to half of the sentence.

The number of such prosecutions and convictions for felonies are misdemeanors have remained somewhat stable and much lower. With the lack of evidence or pleaded guilty, very few convictions take place so discussing indecent liberties jail time can be regarding as insignificant with the absence of data for such cases.