Fairfax VA Traffic Law

The violations of traffic laws may seem considerably insignificant initially, however, the consequences of violations of Fairfax VA traffic law can be actually exceedingly substantial. Fairfax VA traffic law entitles the authorities to issue a warrant for the arrest of an individual is he/she fails to pay the fine required against a ticket for violating Fairfax VA traffic law or does not appear in front of judge for the same. Fairfax VA traffic law also calls for suspension of your driving license against a number of violations. It is imperative for the people driving in Fairfax VA, to realize that being convicted for a number of violations of Fairfax VA traffic law can lead to not just suspension of their driving license but heavy penalties and active jail time.

Fairfax VA traffic law tells us that no person can drive a motor vehicle on any highway without obtaining a lawful driving license, or under the influence. While speeding ticket is considered a traffic infraction in Fairfax VA traffic law, at the same time reckless driving and other traffic violations are considered as class 1 or class 2 misdemeanor or felony. The term highway in Fairfax VA traffic law refers to almost every road and not exclusively used for interstate highways. When it comes to driving with a lawful license, Fairfax VA traffic law indirectly refers towards having a valid license, or driver should have applied for the license along with qualifying in the tests and vision assessment for obtaining a driver’s license as required by the Fairfax VA traffic law.

Fairfax VA traffic law calls for severe punishments and heavy fines for any class 1 or class 2 misdemeanor for driving under influence or reckless driving. The strictness of penalties and punishments such as active jail time depends on the severity of the incident. The sentence is based on whether offense is committed for first time or it is a consequent charge. However a few punishment and penalties are mandatory irrespective of the first or subsequent offense.  Fairfax VA traffic law requires court to suspend driving license of the convict for three months and calls for a permanent criminal record. Considering the severity of the offense the jail time for first time offender can last up to 6 months and a fine up to $1000. For subsequent violation of Fairfax VA traffic law, the imprisonment can be extended for a year with a fine up to $2500.