Everything you need to know about custody orders

After the divorce is final, the first thing to consider is the children’s care and wellbeing. If the parents are having their disagreements and not coming to a mutual consent, the court steps in and decides upon how the children will be taken care for. The court derives a plan based on how much time for visitation will the parent receive, or who will provide how much for the kids.

It can be daunting to think that the future of your child lies within the hands of the judge and not you. You are ready to do what it takes to keep your child with you. For that you need to be fully aware and prepared with everything you need to know about custody orders.

What is Custody?

Custody refers to the right of the custodial parent in making all the decisions about the child’s education, health and welfare. The child abodes with its custodial parent in most cases.

What is Parenting Time?

Parenting time is the legal terminology given to the non-custodial parent for the opportunity of spending time with its child. Most problems are created as parents sometimes do not agree on one mutual decision revolving around their child’s wellbeing and welfare.

Who Decides Custody and Parenting Time?

Parents can come to an agreement among themselves and decisions about who gets the custody and how much parenting time will be allotted to other parent. Although, if no consent is achieved, the court takes the matter in its own hands. Therefore, prepare yourself on Virginia Child Custody Laws and be fully aware to fight your custody battle.

What is Meant By “Sole Custody”?

When a parent has legal sole custody of its child, it means that he/she is the sole guardian of the child and is solely in charge for taking the child’s decisions and judgments. The parent will have to look after all of the child’s welfare and care.

What is Meant by “Joint Custody”?

In the case of joint custody, parents must provide the court with a parenting plan on how they plan to be part of their child’s life and how they will be mutually making the decisions of their child together.

What is “Legal Custody”?

In the case of legal custody, either one, or both parents are held accountable to undertake all the important decisions concerning their child.

What is “Joint Legal Custody”?

In the case of joint legal custody, both the parents receive equal rights to be part of their child’s decision making.

What is “Joint Physical Custody”?

In the case of joint physical custody, the child will stay equally with both parents. The child is also free to be in touch with both of its parents.