Embezzlement Lawyers in Fairfax Virginia

White-collar crimes are referred to as nonviolent criminal offenses, which are motivated towards financial gain. In these white-collar crimes, the offender uses a range of strategies and schemes for defrauding victims of their money. The white-collar criminals are not engaged in taking money from the victims physically or threatening victims. However, the victims of white-collar crimes are hurt in other ways such as huge financial losses as well as breach of trust.

The white-collar crimes are the offenses, which are treated very seriously by the attorneys and the prosecutors and carry serious consequences under the laws and regulations of Virginia. For this reason, you must contact embezzlement lawyer in Virginia for dealing with these issues. Embezzlement is referred to as the white-collar crime that includes theft of money without the consent of the owner. The embezzlement is a different scenario, such that the individual stealing money or the property possesses consent for temporary possession of the stolen things.

In these cases, the embezzler is entrusted with managing money or property; however, they permanently deprive the rightful owner of the money. The occurrence of embezzlement is only possible if there exists some sort of relationship between the parties who allow embezzler to access money or property. The embezzlement lawyers in Fairfax Virginia can assist in dealing with these scenarios.

According to the law of Virginia, the embezzlement convictions carry a range of consequences, which are based on the value of money and the stolen property. The embezzlement lawyers in Fairfax Virginia are well aware that the embezzlement can be charged with the federal crime if the embezzlement scheme had defrauded the federal government. The embezzlement lawyers in Fairfax Virginia are also aware of a range of potential consequences.

The possible penalties for embezzlement in Virginia include fines and prison sentence. According to the laws of Virginia, the State charge of emblazing less than $200 value can be charged for up to one year in prison, and up to $2,500 in fines. In addition, for embezzling of $200 or more, the state charge includes minimum one year of the prison sentence and up to $2,500 in fines. To save yourself from potential consequences of embezzlement, there is need to consult experienced embezzlement lawyers in Fairfax Virginia.

Depending on the nature of the case, the embezzlement cases might be complex and there is the requirement of extensive investigation for building the proper defense. For this reason, it is crucial to consult with the attorneys possessing the experience to deal with embezzlement and various other white-collar crimes.

Our firm consists of the most competent embezzlement lawyers in Fairfax Virginia, who is able to build the strong defense for you. The embezzlement lawyers associated with other firm possess knowledge about the strategies, which can be used for evaluation of your case. The experienced embezzlement lawyers possess strong skills for evaluating potential consequences of your case for building the strong defense. For dealing with the embezzlement, our attorneys require complete support from you. We assure you that our attorneys will build the strong defense to mitigate or to completely avoid the potential consequences.