Driving with a Suspended License in Fairfax Virginia

The cases of reckless driving involve the suspension of driving license for up to six months. In driving under influence cases, the license of the individual might be taken by the court for up to one year. Mostly the individuals have certain responsibilities such as family works, job, or education, losing the license for a period causes extreme difficulties for these people. To fulfill these responsibilities they have to drive and driving with a suspended license in Fairfax, Virginia is a serious offense.

A large number of people in Fairfax usually have moved from other states, therefore, they mostly do not have their families or friends to rely on their travel during the period of license suspension. They find no way to travel other than driving with a suspended license in Fairfax, Virginia. When the court suspends the license of an individual, there are some documents required by the court signed by the person to acknowledge the license suspension. There are other cases in which driving license of the individual gets retained by the court such as if the individual fails to pay the costs of the court. It usually occurs in the less severe traffic cases such as speeding. According to Virginia laws, there is a limit of 30 days to pay the penalties and court costs. If the individual does not pay the amount then he or she will get the letter from DMV after 30 days regarding the suspension of their driving license.

It is the responsibility of the prosecutor to prove that the accused person is guilty of driving with a suspended license in Fairfax, Virginia. Prosecutor must provide the evidence in the favor of the guilt of an individual. In the cases, where the document signed by the individual is present regarding the acknowledgment of the license suspension, the prosecutor’s work becomes easy. However, there are certain cases in which the prosecutor does not have the evidence regarding the offenses. In this situation, a strong defense by the traffic lawyer can help the person in avoiding the suspension of the license.

It sometimes happens when the people do not get the letter from DMV regarding the suspension of license after the 30 days of not paying the court costs. In the ignorance of the license suspension, they get charged for driving with a suspended license in Fairfax, Virginia. In this condition, an experienced lawyer can build a strong defense to guide the individual and prevent further suspension of the license.

In the cases of driving under influence, the court usually suspended the license for one year. Sometimes, it happens that court only restricts the person’s drive by giving him the restricted license, which possesses some restriction of time, and places for driving. If the individual drives outside the premises specified in the license, then he or she will be accused of driving with a suspended license in Fairfax, Virginia.

The experienced and skilled lawyer can help you out of these offenses by proving your innocence in the court. In case of conviction, the lawyer can also request for reducing the punishments and penalties of your case.