Child Pornography Laws in Loudoun Virginia

Child pornography is considered a serious crime in Loudon Virginia, which leads one to face severe consequences. Even the prosecutors are very vigilant in pursuit of such charges. In fact, this crime carries the negative perception of people who have committed the illicit crime. Those accused of child pornography must seek the assistance of sex crimes lawyer immediately in order to review their case under the child pornography laws in Loudon Virginia.

Definition of Child Pornography

Child pornography law in Loudon Virginia code Section 18, 2-371.1:1 elucidates that child pornography law in Loudoun Virginia is a class six felony in Virginia. According to class six felony, a person is punishable for 1 to 5 years in the Department of Correction or it may lead to 12 years of imprisonment depends on the court’s discretion. In second or subsequent cases, the person can be charged with class five felony. In this, an individual is punishable by 1 to 10 years imprisonment or 12 months imprisonment at the court’s discretion. In the child pornography law in Loudon Virginia code section, it is clearly mentioned that when an individual is found and represented as 18 years of age or more and engaged in the sexual visualisation of individuals fewer than 18 years of age, this comes in child pornography. Generally, child pornography means a pornographic image of a child under 18 years of age.  The defendant will be accused of the crime even if he is under 18 years of age.

Penalties for Child Pornography in Virginia

Child pornography law in Loudon Virginia is categorised as class 6 felony in the first offense, and class 5 felony is associated with the second offense. Moreover, the person accused of production or distribution of child pornography is strictly punished in form of 5 or not less than 20 years of imprisonment. If a person commits a crime in the second offense, it carries the same criteria of the penalty with the compulsion of 5 years of incarnation. Due to the severity of these charges, it is highly recommended to consult child pornography attorney immediately. Furthermore, there are some particular penalties that prevent the individual who committed the crime of child pornography from acquiring images from the internet. It can be possible in a certain condition such as during the probation of child pornography where a person is restricted to use the internet facility or the internet usage is limited to carry out the work purposes. In addition, there are some computer programs that have the ability to impose a limitation or monitor the usage of internet ensure that they are not looking at the restricted sites.

Child Pornography as Sexting

Sexting can be considered child pornography because it plays a vital role to exploit the child pornography statute. It completely depends on the image type that is forwarded, as well as the age of the offender.

Contact Child Pornography Lawyer

If someone is accused of child pornography, it means his\her life is under serious threat. Therefore, it is very important to consult a lawyer that can examine the seriousness of the case under the child pornography law in Loudon Virginia. It is because they will be contacted by the law enforcement agency before receiving the actual charges. In this regard, it is essential to consult an attorney to handle the case.

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