Annapolis Maryland Rape Defense Lawyer

Accusation rape or attempted rape threatens every aspect of your life. Not only is your freedom at risk but your reputation, your relationships and your future. It is important to combat these allegations, but sexual offenses should be handled with care and with help of defense lawyer.

Experienced Gender Crime Representation in Annapolis Maryland the criminal defense attorneys of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, and offers sophisticated representation if you are arrested or investigated in connection with sexual assault. They proactively work to prevent formal charges and harmful publicity when there is insufficient evidence to support the allegations. If the prosecution moves forward, they will aggressively challenge the charges by means of motions, hearings and hearings. Their law firm represents the accused in Annapolis, Baltimore and the surrounding Maryland provinces. You can contact them 24/7 to arrange a free consultation.

Consequences for Sexual Assault Breach A conviction for sexual assault is not only a long imprisonment but the ghost of lifetime registration as a sexual predator or sex offender. The crime record and gender defamation status often destroy marriages and intruders on every facet of life, including where you can live, where you can work and whether you can spend time with your children. Our experienced attorneys are aware of the hard impact of sexual offenses and we defend people accused of rape (penetration) and sexual assault (other sexual contact):

  • First grade sexual assault – rape involving power, threat or weapon or involving a child under the age of 13
  • Second degree of sexual assault – sexual assault with violence, threat or weapon or statutory rape of someone who cannot give legal consent due to age or mental disability
  • Third degree sexual assault – non-consensual sexual contact that includes the threat of physical disadvantages, abduction or other aggravating factor.
  • Fourth sexual assault – unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact such as surprise
  • Attempted sexual assault of any degree

Experience Annapolis lawyer’s trial to defend sexual crimes: In most cases of sexual abuse, there is an existing or prior relationship between the parties. people have represented agents charged with rape in the past, rape and legal rape. These are complex and time-bound situations. The defense lawyers thoroughly investigate your situation of all possible opportunities to challenge the allegations. Have the police followed the right procedure and tested your rights to the investigation? Has the victim been subjected to a previous complaint of rape or motivation to produce the allegations? They will probably stay away from a conviction and sex guilty party name; however these are certainty particular cases. They will do everything conceivable to ensure your opportunity, your family and your notoriety, including battling the charges at trial on the off chance that we can’t resolve the case out of court. On the off chance that you have been accused of a wrongdoing or even speculate that you might be under scrutiny in Annapolis, it is imperative to get gifted lawful counsel immediately. The sooner you enlist a rape lawyer, the sooner you can find a way to secure and save your established rights.

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