The concern why is child testimony an important part of child custody cases?

When couples are divorced, it still often means families are being separated. The children suffer most from this. Often, they “lose” one parent, in many cases even blaming themselves for not wanting to be together again. The effects of this traumatic experience often come to light years later. After being separated, many of the divorced … Read more


In VA, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds 0.08 percent. This has become the benchmark for all ‘impaired’ drivers throughout the country. Regardless, there have been different BAC limits – for instance, drivers who are under the age of 21 should be under 0.02 … Read more

Seek Legal Help about How to Deal With Spousal Abuse

In Virginia, spousal abuse is defined to be a form of actions and a routine of control. Spousal abuse is related to the development of hierarchy of supremacy in a relation where one partner overpowers the other one by using either or both physical assault and emotional abuse. Spousal abuse entails five main classifications of … Read more

Prince William County Traffic Ticket

To keep the lives of people safe you must take care and not violate the rules of traffic. But sometimes the people violate the rules of traffic and do reckless driving because of ignorance or hurry. This traffic violation may make you receive traffic tickets. Getting the traffic ticket is just like you are inviting … Read more

Knowing About Indecent Liberties Jail Time

It is important to know that justice is being served with conviction by serving jail time. Criminal issues connected with the problems of committing indecent liberties with minors or even prostitution-related offenses involving children. The court must decide for each specific indecent liberties jail time for the criminal offenders. But before deciding upon the specific … Read more

How much does a good criminal defense lawyer cost?

Criminal defense lawyer represents client charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses like sexual assault, aggravated assault, physical assault, parole offense, probation offense, robbery, theft, drugs and others. An expert lawyer attends the court dates within the matter of upcoming months or days. How much does a good criminal defense lawyer cost? Several factors are involved … Read more

Fairfax county reckless driving penalties

The reckless driving is charged under several diverse sections the Virginia Code. The Fairfax County reckless driving penalties are based on the following conditions. If the punishment is same, there is a broad range of driving behaviors including Racing Failing to attain the right way failing to utilize signal turning Passing a stopped bus of … Read more

Child Custody Lawyer in Virginia

For parents, children are the most significant concern for them. In general, there no such concept like visitation or time-sharing to identify the physical custody. The arrangements do not necessarily suit every family because it needs are vary from family to family. Our Child Custody Lawyer in Virginia gives you especially attention and time to … Read more

Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Explained

Sex crimes are offenses that involve sexual assault or crimes that have a sexual motive. This may include rape, child pornography, statutory rape, solicitation of a minor, sexting and other sexual crimes. These crimes are prosecuted on both federal and state level courts, depending on the seriousness of the crime. Cases involving sex crimes are … Read more