What you Need to Know About Protective Orders in Virginia?

In Virginia, protective order or restraining order is a legal document. Judge issues this order to provide protection of healthy and life safety of a person who is supposed to be a victim of any act of violence, threat or force. This violence can be the result in body injury or harm. It can cause … Read more

Various Reckless Driving Fines in Virginia

There has been a recent trend to impose fine charges and penalties on reckless driving in Virginia. These reckless driving fines in Virginia are charged on accounts of traffic violations and reckless driving crimes. With the introduction of automated speed enforcement technology, traffic cams, and traffic law enforcement officers, the State of Virginia is imposing … Read more

Out of State Reckless Driving in Virginia

Understanding out of state reckless driving in Virginia can be a bit tricky. Individuals who are committing out of state reckless driving in Virginia can get arrested based on their license number plates. The offenses for out of state reckless driving in Virginia are reported to the State from where the drivers are from. Some … Read more

Here’s what you need to know about holiday season and reckless driving

How to spot a reckless driver in Virginia?  Reckless driving is a major traffic violation in Virginia and a person convicted of reckless driving is subjected to heavy fines and other harsh punishments. It is important to drive safely and carefully in Virginia is known for being the 6th most strict state regarding its reckless … Read more


Yes! Virginia law allows wives to put restraining orders on their husbands if they have been the victim of domestic violence or feel threatened by their husbands. If you have been abused by any of the family members that includes your husband too, you can get the restraining order on your husband. That order will … Read more

Solicitation of Prostitution in Fairfax Virginia: A Study

Majority of the states in America, with the exclusion of few of Nevada’s counties, have a ban on prostitution. In the state of Virginia, a person can face heavy charges if caught in the solicitation of prostitution in any way such as; A Pimp/Madame (the middleman) Prostitute Customer (seeking the service of the prostitute) Being … Read more

Virginia’s reckless driving laws

Virginia, perhaps, has the strictest laws. Reckless driving in Virginia is considered a serious offense and can easily land you in jail, if not dealt with properly. While it can be very easy to be slapped with a reckless driving conviction, it can be very difficult to fight such claims without the help of a … Read more

Everything you need to know about custody orders

After the divorce is final, the first thing to consider is the children’s care and wellbeing. If the parents are having their disagreements and not coming to a mutual consent, the court steps in and decides upon how the children will be taken care for. The court derives a plan based on how much time … Read more

Why Is a Professional Lawyer Important For Sexual Offense Cases?

There are numerous cases like fighting a speeding ticket or going to the court for small claims for which you might not require a Professional Lawyer. However, in some serious situations for example when fighting a sexual offense case, you should not take the risk of fighting it alone. Experience and professionalism of a lawyer … Read more

Laws Regarding Impaired Driving

The issue regarding impaired driving is raising serious concerns. Every year, millions of people choose to drive under the effect and influence of alcohol, which causes fatal devastating results. Many people get killed in car crashes, which involves impaired drivers. Impaired driving easily claims innocent lives, however these deaths can be prevented with strict laws … Read more